Sana Khan shared a photo while praying with her husband

Sana Khan Photos

Sana Khan continues to share photos and videos with her husband after marriage. Now Sana has shared a photo with husband Anas Syed while praying. Sharing the photo on Instagram Story, wrote, ‘What else do I want in life’. Sharing this photo on his Instagram story, he wrote, ‘Allamudillah of course’. After this, Sana is out on a drive with Anas.

Earlier, Sana had posted the video with Anas Syed, ‘Save you from evil eyes. After Namaz and before leaving home, do read it. Always read the surah before your partner leaves for work.

Entertainment industry left before Nikah

A few days ago, Sana announced on social media to leave the entertainment industry. Sana Khan wrote a long post on her Instagram account, thanking fans for giving her the reason behind leaving Bollywood as well.

Sana wrote, ‘Brothers and sisters, today I am talking to you at an important point in my life. I have been living the life of the showbiz film industry for years and in this time I have got luck, respect and wealth on behalf of my loved ones, for which I am thankful to them, but this feeling has occupied me for some days. Has it been that the purpose of man’s entry into the world is only that he earns wealth and fame?

Doesn’t he think that he should live his life in the help of those who are helpless and helpless? Shouldn’t that person think that he can die at any time? And what will happen to him after he dies. I am looking for answers to both these questions from time to time, especially this second question, what will happen to me after death?

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